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B.A.N.I. Baby Classes (Practitioner Training schedules below)


B.A.N.I. Is Bringing Birth Back to Basics "Your Way",

The Way Nature Intended!

Why is the B.A.N.I. Practitioner workshop the superior training?

Two days of training to start your new career - no prerequisites.

No mandatory annual renewal requirements.

Totally "Client Centered" accommodates a broader clientele.

Scripts to make 2 of 3 cd's in practitioner's voice if desired.

Course Syllabus is designed for client/practitioner flexibility.

Teach segments in 2, 3 or 4 classes.

B.A.N.I.™ may be presented as "natural” or "hypnobirthing"  childbirth preparation classes allowing for wider acceptance by all.

B.A.N.I.™ Course can be taught as "Group or Private" classes.

Freedom to run your business as a self employed entrepreneur.

B.A.N.I.™ Practitioner support group available online once certified.

Scroll down for a listing of Certified B.A.N.I.™ Practitioner Trainings or for a listing of Certified B.A.N.I.™ Practitioners to schedule your B.A.N.I.™ childbirth preparation course today!


Certified B.A.N.I.™ Practitioner Trainings:

B.A.N.I.™ Practitioner Training – Kalamalka Lake, Vernon, BC

September 20 & 21, 2014 - Certified B.A.N.I.™ Practitioner Training

(818) 884-5156  email: hypno2000t@aol

Tuition $595.00 USD

copy and paste into browser to pay online: http://birthingasnatureintended.com/category/trainings/



Woodland Hills,(Los Angeles), CA

October 4 & 5, 2014 (Sat/Sun) - Certified B.A.N.I.™ Practitioner Training

(818) 884-5156  email: hypno2000t@aol

Tuition $595

copy and paste into browser to pay online: http://birthingasnatureintended.com/category/trainings/




Las Vegas, NV - Hypnothoughts "Live"

July 18 - 20, 2014 -  B.A.N.I.™ Book Signing

(818) 884-5156


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Anytown, USA

Ask about hosting a B.A.N.I.™ Practitioner Training in your area!

Certified B.A.N.I.™ Practitioner Training

(818) 884-5156 email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Tuition is waived when hosting a training!



Certified B.A.N.I.™ Practitioners for Parent childbirth preparation.:

Call individual practitioner for current schedules and for availability of group or private classes.

California B.A.N.I.™ Practitioners

Calabasas, CA:

Hayuta Cohen


email:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

(818) 212-8001

Laguna Beach, CA:

Christina Larson, Practitioner Trainer

email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

(949) 350-2659

Los Angeles, CA:

Seraphina Whitman

email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

(323) 972-3473

Santa Clarita, CA:

Sheri Arcuria

email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

(661) 312-7034

Westlake Village, CA:

Jesslyn Shani:


email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

(818) 212-7556


Woodland Hills, CA:

Teresa Van-Zeller, Practitioner Trainer


email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

(818) 884-5156 - (Group and private classes available)

Washington B.A.N.I.™ Practitioners

Poulsbo, WA:

Kayla Wentworth, Practitioner Trainer


email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

(360) 621-8108




Course content for B.A.N.I.™ Parent Classes:

(Scroll down for course content for Practitioner trainings)

Class #1

- The Normalcy of Birth

- Parents want non-medicated births

- The uterus works

- Why/how fear affects labor

- Why is labor painful for some people and not others?

- The mind/body connection is real.  Preparing the mind/body/spirit

- Taking responsibility for your birth

New birth videos for all four classes.

B.A.N.I. book and "Time to Relax CD" to bring home.

Class #2

-Pre-natal bonding

- Preparing the body for childbirth with exercises, guided imagery, breathing techniques, visualization and client centered relaxation deepening techniques that fit the techniques to the client rather than trying to fit all clients to a few techniques.

- The “due” date is actually a "guess" date

- Know your options and learn about potential benefits/risks to be able to make informed decisions, allowing for "the ability to give true informed consent." Avoiding unnecessary artificial induction.

- "Journey To Inner Awareness" experiencial techniques CD and Class handouts to bring home.

Class #3

- Preparing a birth plan that encourages support from medical care providers

- Releasing fear that can cause pain during labor

- Creating a birth plan for the birth you envision

- Not all births go as planned/how to handle the unexpected.  Potential interventions you must understand before you can give true "informed consent when they are truly a medical necessity."

- Unique techniques individualized for each participant and additional handouts.

Class #4

- The birth process: what to expect before, during and after birth

- Breathing techniques to help baby gently descend down birth path, enhancing the body's natural expulsion reflex,    oftentimes shortening descent time.  Often eliminates the need for exhaustive, harsh "purple pushing", allowing for baby's  calm, relaxed arrival into mother's arms.

Why B.A.N.I.?

Birthing As Nature Intended, (the B.A.N.I. program), was developed for several reasons.  First and foremost was to fill a need that is not being met in our current birthing culture.  The philosophy of B.A.N.I. is that no two individuals are alike. That is why we are referred to as individuals.

There are numerous birth programs available today and most of them have wonderful techniques and exercises to help women have more calm and relaxed births.  Each program has it's strengths and weaknesses.  Some programs teach exercises and techniques that are great for helping the laboring mother to relax but teach the relaxation techniques "to re-focus the woman away from the pain" whereas B.A.N.I. teaches that, as nature intended, when women remain relaxed during labor, then pain does not need to be a necessary component for childbirth.

Nature gives us pain to alert us when we are injured or sick, to let us know when something is wrong.  However, there is nothing wrong with the birthing process that nature has designed and there is nothing about the birthing process that needs to be fixed.

There are other programs that teach that nature never intended for childbirth to be painful, but then fail to address the fact that some women, for whatever reason, will indeed feel pain during labor.  That is not a suggestion, it is a fact.  As a childbirth educator, it is irresponsible to not address this fact while still claiming to be a complete childbirth preparation program.  B.A.N.I. teaches that birth was never intended to be painful, and that if a woman remains relaxed, calm and confident, then asking for pain medication may never even occur to her.  However if a woman is indeed experiencing discomfort, there are options available for her.  Practicing and using the techniques taught in B.A.N.I. classes will help the parents be fully informed of their options so that informed decisions and be made when needed that are right for them.

In addition, by practicing the exercises and techniques provided, the mother will often be able to avoid the need for intervention or induction assistance altogether or at least delay assistance long enough to not interfere with her labor progress, still achieving a satisfying, relaxing and stress-free birth.  B.A.N.I. empowers pregnant women and their birthing companions,.

Childbirth is a natural process and pregnant women inherantly possess the innate, instinctual ability to have their baby without medication or interventions.  B.A.N.I. re-teaches women the art and joy of experiencing birth in a safer, more comfortable, trusting and therefore relaxed manner.

Women learn how to regain trust in their bodies and their birthing instincts to release their own natural endorphins and keep their bodies relaxed, which allows the laboring body to funcition the way nature intended; efficiently and so much more comfortably.  When a woman is properly prepared for childbirth to the point that mind, body and spirit are in harmony, her body is free to function in the same well-designed manner that nature has provided for all other living species on this planet.  And as is most often the case in nature, without the need for unnecessary discomfort, intervention, or medication.

Parents are fascinated as they view birth videos showing laboring mothers, awake, alert, in good humor and even talking on their cell phone as they experience safe, calm birth--free of fear and totally confident.  B.A.N.I. teaches a woman how to release prior negative programming about birth, how to trust her body and work with it, as well as how to free herself of the harmful emotions that lead to fear-causing muscle tension and pain.  Fathers will see births that actually teach just how important, helpful and beneficial their role is during labor.

B.A.N.I. empowers women to rediscover their natural birthing instincts, with most births requiring little or no intervention.   B.A.N.I. moms are aware and fully in control, but profoundly relaxed as they bring their babies into the world with their companions supporting them throughout.

Please contact us for additional course information.  (818) 884-5156  email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

B.A.N.I. Practitioner Training Courses:  Exciting options to become certified childbirth educators.  Ask for details!

2 day Certified B.A.N.I. Practitioner training

1 day financial mgmt (Check individual trainings for availability).

1 day Practitioner Trainer course.  (Check individual trainings for availabilities).

*June 15, 2012 - Managing your business from a financial standpoint. (Open to all types of businesses depending on demand)

June 16/17, 2012 - Certified B.A.N.I. Practitioner Training (Full 2 day complete workshop)

*Optional offering for those who need help starting, organizing and/or maintaining their business in all fields of work.

**Must have previous experience in childbirth educator training.  Please call to discuss if you are interested.

To sign up, call (818) 884-5156 or email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


*July 20, 2012 - Managing your business from a financial standpoint.  (All businesses welcome)

July 21 & 22, 2012 Certified B.A.N.I. Practitioner Training

**July 23, 2012 B.A.N.I. Practitioner Instructor Trainering.

*Optional offering for those who need help starting, organizing and/or maintaining any business.

**Must be pre-approved with experience.  Please call to discuss if you are interested.

To sign up call (818) 884-5156

***Ask about available discounts for current childbirth educators.

Start a new career or enhance your current one by becoming certified as a B.A.N.I. Childbirth Education Practitioner!  - The most well received childbirth education program.

2 Day - Birthng As Nature Intended Certified Practitioner Training (B.A.N.I. Program) - A fun and empowering, 2-day workshop**

For Doctors, Midwives, Nurses, Childbirth educators, Doulas, Hypnotherapists and those looking for a new, rewarding career.

Enjoy the rewards of teaching client centered visualization, relaxation techniques, and guided imagery to assist pregnant couples in achieving the birth that they envision.
Join the international network of B.A.N.I. Practitioners who find it professionally and financially rewarding to teach a complete and unique program designed to take into account the vast diversity of individual lifestyles and needs in an ever changing birthing environment.

Two day practitioner training will present the material of the entire course in detail in the manner in which it may be taught. Included with the course is the book, "Birthing As Nature Intended, (B.A.N.I)", a syllabus which outlines all material covered, three cd's, (Time to Relax, Journey to Inner Awareness, Birth Rehearsal), the scripts for the cd's (should you prefer to record them yourself), detailed scripts for all four class relaxations and techniques segments as well as additional techniques and 2 dvds.  All new B.A.N.I. birth videos, interviews and techniques from around the world, and from the best experts in the field, forms, handouts, flyers, logos, etc.

Although this course is designed to be presented in four (2 1/2) hour classes held once a week, once you are certified as a B.A.N.I. Practitioner, you will be in business for yourself and may choose to to present it in two or three longer classes or perhaps in one weekend.  This course focuses on helping each parent find their unique way of getting where they need to go to achieve the birth experience that they envision.  Just as every client is unique, so is every childbirth educator and flexibility is a must in today's fast paced world.

For additional course information, please call (818) 884-5156.

**Available recommended pre or post - course: Managing your business from a financial standpoint.


1 Day - (Optional) Managing your business from a financial standpoint.

For those who want the simplest manual system to those who want to be totally computerized, this will be the class for you.  Depending on your needs, it may be beneficial if you can bring a laptop.  You will leave the training with your computerized or manual bookkeeping systems up and running.  Please call for more details before signing up.


1 Day - B.A.N.I. Practitioner Trainer workshop - We are growing rapidly and need good Practitioner Trainers. Must have previous experience as childbirth education practitioner trainers.

Emphasis on client centered methods and techniques designed to fit the technique to the client rather than fitting the client to the technique.  Using the most advanced, updated and effective techniques, this workshop is designed to teach the practitioner how to reach the broadest range of clients/patients using client centered techniques.  No technique or method works for all of the people all of the time and there is no right or wrong way to achieve the confidence and relaxed state necessary to allow for the optimal birth experience -- just the way that is right for each client.

There are additonal ways to help the client achieve their desired goals using hypnosis and NLP, (Neuro Linguistic Programming), that help the client to find their own unique way of obtaining their deepest levels of relaxation and find their quickest and most direct route to reaching those goals and the results they envision.

Roy Hunter, Ron Eslinger, Wil Horton from NFNLP and so many brilliant people in their specialized fields have graciously contributed techniques and exercises that will enhance each client's experience as well as an extra added bonus of a "Fear Release" for practitioners who have a need to let go of previous negative birth experiences that they have witnessed or experienced themselves.  I am happy to be including this in the workshop after years of requests from previous students that I have trained in the birthing community.

Also included with this workshop is a special CD created to enhance your business entitled "Using Self-Hypnsis for Success".

For additional course information, please call (818) 884-5156.

If you are already a certified childbirth educator, ask about hosting a weekend training in your area to become a Certified B.A.N.I. Practitioner.  Exciting Options are available.

Course Testimonials:

"The main reason I became a Certified Hypnotherapist and Childbirth educator was the experience I had with my first birth.  Without knowing anything about hypnosis or any specific training, I believed I could have a wonderful, natural birth experience by focusing on my thoughts.  Sure enough I experienced a natural, painfree birth experience and had a healthy, beautiful 9 pound, 1 ounce little girl. A few years later I became a Hypnotherapist because I KNEW that it worked--THOUGHTS ARE THINGS.  I was soon introduced to hypno-birthing and felt that I was called to get certified and dedicate my practice to hypnosis with women.  I was pregnant with my second child when I became a certified educator and decided to take the class as a participant with my husband so we could have the full experience." Heather N. Thousand Oaks

"I attended Teresa's training in October 2003.  Initially I was very uncertain about how this training and curriculum would fit in the perinatal program I manage. I shouldn't have worried.  I particulary enjoyed the first two days of training when we focused entirely on self-hypnosis.  It was the most relaxing training I have ever attended. Teresa made us feel at ease immediately.  She is open, warm and passionate about her teaching.  Our L&D nursing staff is happy to say that our facility supports the birthing family." Elizabeth Smith, R.N.

“Training with Teresa in becoming a birthing instructor was a rich experience.  Her clarity and delivery of the course is contagious and inspiring. It was a grounding start to the possibilities of my own courses and all the people I will make a difference with.” Denise Spatafora