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Since 1998, Teresa Van-Zeller, Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist, has been assisting her clients in achieving their goals, helping them to let go of previously unresolved limiting issues and showing them how to find new meaning and direction with their lives. She is a specialist in her field achieving successful results with pain management, sports enhancement, weight reduction/gain, smoking cessation, surgical preparation/ recovery, stress management, fertility and childbirth preparation among many other issues. Teresa’s belief is that hypnosis is not a “miracle cure” however when someone is ready for change, miraculous results can occur.

As a Certified Hypnotherapist Instructor, teaching Roy Hunter’s "Diversified Client Centered Hypnotherapist Course," she trains people from all walks of life including doctors, nurses, psychologists and “lay” students to become competent and confident Certified Hypnotherapists. Her hypnotherapist training is not a crash intensive course but instead, a training course accepted in many colleges both within and outside the U.S.A. Teresa’s students are working with actual clients in their own practices by the time they graduate.

Teresa is the author of Birthing As Nature Intended (B.A.N.I.) - A Guide to Achieving the Birth You Envision, and in addition, has developed the complete childbirth education program that you have been waiting for; also titled, "Birthing as Nature Intended" (B.A.N.I)™. Through her childbirth education classes, practitioner trainings, seminars and lectures, Teresa has helped thousands of people to achieve the beautiful births that nature has always intended them to have.

As a Certified Hypnotherapist Instructor and B.A.N.I.™ Practitioner Instructor, she travels all over the world training doctors, midwives, doulas, massage therapists, and individuals who are looking for a rewarding new career or simply looking to broaden their current practices. Becoming a B.A.N.I.™ childbirth preparation practitioner, prepares you to teach expectant parents how to trust in their bodies and the natural birth process. To learn more about Birthing As Nature Intended, (B.A.N.I.)™ childbirth preparation or practitioner trainings, go to:


In addition to teaching privately, Teresa enjoys training certified hypnotherapists in Parts Therapy, Regression and other areas of expertise.  Being part of the Entertainment world and Corporate communities, she enjoys traveling, teaching and speaking in hospitals and at corporate functions as well as performing Hypnosis Stage shows and demonstrations for business events, network groups and private gatherings.

Teresa has been featured on TV, Cable and Radio talk shows as well as interviewed for various newspapers and articles.

“An opportunity to teach about hypnosis is an opportunity to help people improve their lives”.

Teresa Van-Zeller

Teresa has been featured on:

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Cuide Su Salud - Televisa, Mexico City

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Article:- "Mastering Your Self Talk" (StarLee Magazine)

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Teresa Van-Zeller, Advanced Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and Instructor

Hypnosis 2000 – Founder/Director www.Hypnosis2000.com

Birthing As Nature Intended™ - Founder www.birthingasnatureintended.com

HypnoFertility Foundation – California Regional Director

Alliance of Self Empowerment – Faculty member

National Guild of Hypnotists, (NGH) - Faculty Member

International Medical and Dental Hypnosis Association, (IMDHA) – Member

NFNLP - Member

“Teresa is sensitive, intelligent and compassionate and I am so lucky to have taken her class.”

-Tanya Arce Fox, Westlake Village


“Thank you for working with me to overcome my nail biting habit.  I am 64 years old and don't remember a time in my life when I didn't bite my nails.”

- Ben L., Sherman Oaks


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